Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Hi, I'm Gaz Thomas and I have 8 years experience in the games industry, both as an artist and designer.

I love making games. Be it creating worlds that players can lose themselves in or puzzles that test without frustration yet give a great sense of accomplishment.

I thrive in a team environment, bouncing ideas off others but can happily plug away with things by myself if need be.

Creating environment art, using composition and lighting/colour to create a beautiful place, one that tells a history if you look closer, gives me so much satisfaction.
With level design, I like to offer all the parts of a puzzle to the player, let them experiment with them, and work out the answer, sometimes throwing in a red herring.

I also have a technical mind, and can create complex systems and behaviours with limited tool-sets. I created all the boss levels in the game Fluidity SpinCycle using only in game logic, and set up NPC behaviour for the "Clone rescue room" in Stealth Inc 2 where every time you rescue a clone new things happen on your return.

I have wanted to make games since I was 8 years old when I first used a computer drawing full games pixel by pixel in mspaint on windows 3.1
I started my path into video games in the mod world, combining 3D art and Level Design. When I found that there was a level editor included in the copy of Half-Life I borrowed from my best friend, he never saw that CD again. I was and still am addicted.

CVCV available on request: gaz at gazoid dot c o m