Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Fluidity (US) or Hydroventure (EU) is a 2D platforming game available on the Nintendo WiiWare service. The player controls a body of water through various levels tilting their Wii Remote to move the water around.

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For Fluidity I started as an artist tasked with learning how to get the art team's work in game via a development kit. This allowed me to get to grips with and document the pipeline as well as try out level design ideas I had.

The Lead Designer saw my level ideas and liked them enough to make me a part of the Design team as well. As the main link between the Art and Design departments I was able advise the other designers on keeping to a specific work flow.
From this, I was able to create a toolset that the artists could then use to rapidly speed up art passes.

I worked with the programming team to create a set of physics shapes and objects that combined gave rise to a number of crazy contraptions for the player to interact with. A favourite design of mine featured a Fire Engine that the player could get their water inside, drive around and squirt out using a water cannon on top.

Fluidity remains the game I am most proud of to date, with my art and designs each totalling roughly 30% of the project.