Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Fluidity/Hydroventure SpinCycle
Fluidity SpinCycle (US) or Hydroventure SpinCycle (EU) is a 2D platforming game on the Nintendo 3DS where the player controls a body of water through various levels tilting the 3DS to move the water around.

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I was in charge of the art pipeline between designers and artists, devising a style guide of shapes for the other designers and a fully automated Photoshop script that would take the design team's work, and then convert it to a digital canvas (PSD file) for the artists.

I was the only member of the team (design side) that had worked on the original so I had a lot of knowledge to share with the rest of the team.

Due to my comprehensive knowledge of the toolset, I was tasked with white-boxing all the Boss levels in the game. I then developed animation systems with the programmers, and eventually built and animated the entire Boss Gameplay and AI using Logic systems within the toolset.

Find the promotional video top right and a play-through of my level "Spy Escort mission" to the right.

Below are final game screenshots with a design breakdown underneath.