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Pirates Vikings and Knights 2
Pirates Vikings and Knights 2 (Or PVKII) is a Valve Source Engine Game that started as a Mod for Half-Life 2, and has since become a full free game on Steam.

PVKII Website

As a teenager, I was so inspired by the original Mod for Half-Life 1 that I made several levels for it. Years later, when a new team announced a sequel, I decided to join them in my spare time and remake my two favourite (and coincidentally fan favourite) levels.

Pinegrove is a "Booty" level, where three teams compete to capture chests of treasure. The more treasure a team collects, the quicker their counter ticks down, so the first team to get their counter to zero wins.

The level has a figure of eight shape, Vikings and Knights at opposing ends, and the Pirates in the middle.

Because the Pirate team are in the middle of the level and therefore more likely to come under attack I gave them some advantages over the other teams.
They are closer to the chests when the level starts so can get a head start, their base also has a height advantage with one end (the waterfall side) having a long site line to spot attackers.

It took me a long time to figure out the most effective method of creating the trees, it took three separate designs before I was happy with the result.

Find model breakdowns lower down the page.

All textures, materials, props, fx and the level design are my own.