Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Rehearsive is an App that allows CAD engineers and contrators in the construction industry to quickly import their data (using either a Desktop/Laptop or Virtual Reality) to immerse and rehearse within a realtime engine with a suite of helpful tools, props and vehicles at their disposal.

I built the initial prototype using Unity by myself, it was then pitched to an internal dragons den style board and won a 10k investment. A new Immersive team was formed and a bigger budget was allocated with additional team members joining.

From then over a year and a half I created the majority of the UI and UX, design and artwork (a number of which can be seen below) and a good chunk of the code and logic within the App.

Over the course of development I learnt to use C# to a competant level with the help of the Lead Developer on the project. I initially built the prototype with a node based scripting asset called PlayMaker and having a good knowledge of that helped me transition into C# promptly.

Rehearsive was released on May 4th 2020.