Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Stealth Inc
Stealth Inc/Stealth Bastard is a 2D puzzle platforming game using stealth as it's main mechanic.

Stealth Inc Website

I created 13 of the 80 levels featured in the game. I tend to focus on the puzzle aspect over platforming, using mechanics to really test the player.

Here you can find play-through videos of every level I made in the game.
I took on some of the harder levels to design, from teaching the player the basic controls and mechanics as well as meeting the first boss.

Several of my levels include a HUB design where the player must complete different parts of the level in an order of their choosing before completing the main goal.

My favourite levels are the last two you find in the game: 'Team Building' and 'Perfect Clone' where I used the AI controllers to maximum effect to build AI behaviour for the player to interact with.