Gaz Thomas - Game Art and Design Portfolio
Stealth Inc 2
Stealth Inc 2 is the second in the Stealth Inc/Stealth Bastard series: a 2D platforming game using stealth as its main mechanic, but this time with gadgets and a metriodvania style overworld.

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Curve-Studios asked me back after some time away to help create new levels for the second instalment of Stealth Inc.

To inject new gameplay we designed various gadgets that let the player tackle the levels in new and exciting ways.
After 8 levels spent learning a gadget and defeating the Boss, the player unlocks the gadget in the overworld allowing new ways to overcome both the terrain and enemies.

Find the launch trailer of the game top right, followed by several screenshots of my work in game.
Under these are three play-through videos of the levels I am most proud of. Please note that these recordings are taken inside the editor used to build the game, not final game graphics.

I tried to give the levels a sense of place, like they belonged to an environment while still delivering fun gameplay.